Copy select cells in a row to another sheet

I have multiple Smartsheets set up to collect contract requests through forms. Each Smartsheet corresponds to a specific contract type, since each contract we use requires a unique set of data to complete. We have chosen to keep the Smartsheets individual per contract type rather than use one sheet for all contract types because combining them would result in a sheet with 100+ columns.

In order to track these requests, we have a master tracking Smartsheet that summarizes all contract progress. I'd like to set up the individual contract Smartsheets to automatically copy the relevant cells to the master tracking sheet when a new request/row is submitted (the relevant cells being from the columns that both sheets share, such as Contract Type, Project Name, and Project Number, but not the entire row).

As far as I can tell, copying a row from one Smartsheet to another requires that both sheets have identical columns, which is not the case here. Is there a way to automate specific cells in a row to copy to another sheet?

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