Can I change the text in one column if the box is checked in another column?

For example: Id like to change 'Status' column to "Completed" if the 'Published' column box is checked?



  • SoS | Dan Palenchar
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    The general rule is that if you want a column to contain a formula it should be fully automated, you can't have it be manual entry sometime and a formula some other times. This is because any manual text entry will override a formula.

    You can set up a status formula that can automatically display statuses such as "In Progress", "Planned", "Overdue", "Completed", "On Hold", etc., whatever you want really, but to do this you need to enter data in other columns of the Sheet that can be interpreted by a formula to produce the status options you desire.

    For your specific example, your formula would include:

    =IF(Published@row=1, "Completed")

    This formula would need to reference additional columns to determine other status options. If the only options are the item is either Completed or QC in progress... you could use the below formula:

    =IF(Published@row=1, "Completed", "QC in progress...")

    This formula would put QC in progress... as the default value, once the box in Published was checked the status would change to Completed

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