Does this function exist: highlight 10 rows, click Link Tasks, and all predecessors are filled in

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Finally using this for a large project 350 line and I read in your help

----->>> In the Predecessor column, type the row number for the item that must occur before the item you’re working with.

This is what I do in Excel.

Am I missing something in SS where there is this function, like in MS Project where I can link and unlink Tasks?

Or, except for summary rows, do I need to type a Predecessor in every row?

Note this is one project (not multiple) in SS, paying for the basic plan in case it shows up based on what you are paying.


  • just like in project

    In the SS help I am reading

    """"""""""You can make a task dependent on another task by typing another row’s number in its Predecessor column.

    Do I need to type a predecessor in all 525 rows of my project? Or does this feature exist some where I am not seeing.

    Note, please don't send me a link for "multiple sheets". I have one project and paying for what looks like might be the same as what I can do in Excel.

  • Stefan
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    Hi @Proj ,

    so you are saying that your 350 or 525 row project are waterfall and you want Smartsheet to automatically know which predecessor to link to? ;-)

    As you are working with Smartsheet and not MS P or Excel you obviously cannot always use the same functions/commands.

    For 10 children elements of a parent I would either:

    • enter the parent row number in the predecessor column of the first child and then drag (Excel style) the value down to populate all other children predecessors cells with the same value


    • put the desired row number in the first child row and the desired row number +1 in the next child row. Then dragging down both values (Excel style) to create a sequence of depending child elements.

    Doing this for all your rows should take less time than writing this text. And if you do this type of project more than once make it a template and reuse. I did some projects bigger projects and creating useful connections between the tasks for me is the step (while setting up the project) where I also think about how much automation I want regarding shifting schedules.

    Hope this helps


    PS: We are a community of Smartsheet users helping other users and "read in your help" is addressing the wrong people.

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  • Proj
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    Looks like the answer to my question is "NO" ;)

    Which was "Does this function exist?" -

    It does exist in MS Project with which you are not familiar so I understand. And No, it takes a LOT longer to type one by one or to DRAG because one you DELETE or INSERT you have to renumber -> manually in some cases than for you to explain, no it doesn't have this function. So I swtiched back to MS Project.

    Not worries, just deleted my Smartsheets subscription. I think I was expecting too much from Smartsheets for my larger projects.

  • Stefan
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    Well good luck then.



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    Projects for Processes and for People.