3 row automation

I am new to SmartSheet, so I'm not sure what it's capable of.

I want to have a template of 3 rows [2 indented behind the first] that I can link to a form for adding rooms/lots to an existing job. Or, instead of creating a template, automate the creation of indented rows upon row creation from a form.

I guess this might turn into several questions..

1) I couldn't find a way to bring in a a dropdown of existing JOB Column values into the form. Is that possible?

2) When the user creates a Room/Lot [LOT 1 for example] I want to indent it under the row with matching JOB value. Then I want to generate 2 additional rows, to be indented behind the form created row. These rows would get the same ROOM/LOT value from the parent along with static suffixes [picture for reference]

2b) Assuming this is possible the second automated row would a a finish-start relationship, with 10 day lag/lead time, to the first automated row

Alternately if I can create a template of the 3 Rows that gets called from filling out a form, that would work in my eyes. I honestly just don't know what this thing is a capable of, so any advice would be appreciated.


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