Pulling in Established Data from 1 Sheet into Another Sheet as a Drop Down

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Hi All!

I have one base sheet of HR job posting with several descriptive column headers, and one of the columns is a Job ID number. Job ID numbers are hand-keyed and unique.

I have a second sheet of candidate names and I want to be able to select an active job ID to assign to that candidate from the original base sheet of job postings. I can see that I can link cells, but that's a straight 1:1 match and not what I need. I need to be able to select only from the Job IDs that exist, and multiple candidates may share that Job ID.

Essentially, I need to auto-populate a drop down list for the candidate sheet from the hand-keyed entries in the base sheet of job postings.

Any suggestions on how I can solve that? Since new jobs are being added all the time, I need the Job ID list in the second sheet for candidates to be pulling options in real time.


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