Approval Process stopping when conditions applied


I am working on an approval process but am finding that if I add conditions that the process pauses and does not resume with the subsequent request an approval action based on the condition. I am trying to only have 1 automation for this.

General Process:

Request approval from reviewer #1, if approved + condition: Job No =/ blank, request an update, + condition: where waiver approval =/ blank (updated via the request an update from previous step), request approval from review #2.

I have a variety of similar conditions that need to be met before going on to review #2. I am attempting to have all of these items in a sequence as they are laid out, but without the condition the Update Requests and next Request An Approval go out simultaneously. I need the second approver to have visibility into the updates provided by review #1. Hopefully that makes sense! Basically what I am looking for is a time delay so the first reviewer has time to enter their updates, before the second review is triggered. Screen shot below.

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