Move Rows to a sheet - Formulas on the Destination Sheet

I have a sheet where a row starts with about 5 columns. When saved those added rows will be moved to a sheet with a good deal more columns.

On that destination sheet (Dest. Sheet 1), I have formulas on several columns (not the same columns that are on the first sheet that are getting moved).

When I move rows from the first sheet to Dest. Sheet 1, the moved (new) rows on the Dest. Sheet 1 have those formulas. They get copied or carried down (my term for showing up when a new row is added). That's perfect, the rows that are moved are added to the dest. sheet and the formulas are on the new rows in the dest. sheet.

My problem is this. If I move those rows again, the formulas to do not move. SO, this is what I actually expected but I am guessing that a formula will carry down if the formula is not in a cell that coming from the source sheet, but when they get moved again... if the move from Dest. Sheet 1 to a new Dest. Sheet 2 moves cells with formulas that in Dest. Sheet 1, they come over as static.

Just want to confirm that is the correct behavior as designed.

Thank you

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Happy to help if I can.

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  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi @Kevin Smith

    Unfortunately, that is the expected behavior.

    Every time a row is copied/moved, it doesn't include the formulas, but the auto-fill of existing formulas in the destination sheet will auto-fill as long as there are at least two rows before that have the formulas on the same level and in the cells from the source sheet is empty.

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic weekend!


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