Smartsheet/Jira Connector - The connector stopped working for "Sprint Name"


I have been using the smartsheet/jira connector for months now and it seemed to work normally. We had the fields from Jira updated on smartsheet and vice versa. Recently, "sprint name" has not been working. The sprint name still displays on Jira, however, it is not being communicated on Smartsheet. I don't think any smartsheet user or Jira Admin has changed any settings to affect this. I have already tried disabling and resetting the workflow. The run history indicates that there were no errors. I have also tried deleting the field in the jira/smartsheet mapping and re-adding it. Also, Sprint Name is still a field in the create issue form on Jira so nothing has been removed/changed there.

Does anybody have any suggestions?


  • Ben Goldblatt

    Hi @Pauline Nguyen,

    I can see that you've already created a Support ticket for this and our Support team will be the best resource for troubleshooting and resolving the issue you're experiencing with the Jira and Smartsheet integration. They will reach back out as soon as possible with next steps as soon as they review the WEX file you sent them.



  • Kathryn Sharpe

    I am experiencing the same issue - I've reviewed my tickets and it appears this issue began on 9/4/2020. All tickets that have not been updated since 9/4 continue to return the Sprint Name.

  • Jeanne Howe
    Jeanne Howe ✭✭✭

    We are also experiencing this issue. Is there a way to follow/watch the support ticket??

  • Pauline Nguyen

    I wrote a ticket and here is the update from Smartsheet representative:

    Thanks for contacting Smartsheet Support with your followup reply and additional information that you provided.

    What you have reported is a known issue that recently surfaced and has been escalated to our engineering and development team where this issue is currently 

    The development team has found that Jira Connector no longer syncs sprint details (sprint start date, sprint end date, sprint name, etc). Up until a month or two ago, Sprint-related fields could be mapped, and these fields would sync into the sheet without issue. Now, the fields can still be mapped, but the data isn't synching. The cells which previously synced the sprint values get cleared once the synced Jira issue gets updated. These fields should be supported and our team is working diligently to resolve this.