Formula to Return Modified Date When Dropdown is Selected

Good afternoon, I'm trying to write a formula on one sheet (METRICS 1 - M&O Ingrants) that will record the modified date when a dropdown is selected in another sheet (M&O Ingrants). I want to do this so I can track the duration it takes to move from one dropdown selection to another because it's tracking status of a project. So far, I set up a workflow to copy the row from the original sheet (M&O Ingrants) to another sheet (METRICS 1 - M&O Ingrants). The new/different columns in the Metrics sheet are the selections in the dropdown column from M&O Ingrants. All I want it to do is record the dates that the selection was made in the corresponding columns.

Right now, I have =IF(AND({Status} = "Upcoming PREP", {Project} = Project1), {Modified}) where {Status} is the dropdown column in the original sheet, "Upcoming PREP" is one option to select from the dropdown, {Project} is the task list in original sheet, and {Modified} is the Modified Date column from the original sheet. This formula is returning #INVALID OPERATION. Any thoughts or help? I understand I can manually retrieve these dates from the Activity Log, but that requires a lot of manual labor which could be fixed with a formula.

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  • Hi@David Joyeuse, I added {Status}="Upcoming PREP" to your formula and it's working so far. Hopefully, it will hold up as more rows and statuses are populated. Thank you for your help!!

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