Getting "Field Sprint Name Not Set" when using Jira Connector to Jira Cloud



I am trying to pull all issues related to sprints in a Program Increment from Jira Cloud using the Jira Connector Workflow.

It pulls some data, but fields like assignee, start and end date, and Sprint Name are blank. I get a message stating that the "Field Sprint Name Not Set" even though my JQL runs fine in Jira.

I was also able to use a similar JQL when connecting to our Jira Server version, and that works fine.

Does anyone know why this does not work?

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  • Jamil Qadri

    Thanks Ben!

    I did contact support after I was not able to find an answer.

    Apparently they pushed a fix out and now some of the rows will display information but not everything ... and I am still getting a "Field not set" message randomly.

    I replied back to support and am waiting for their response.



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