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Hi everyone :)

Each year there is a new summary sheet for data reported, in that year.

The formula I am currently using has in between dates, and i would like it to recognize the quarter's column

If it says Q3, and the refrigerant type is R404a, then it counts 1.. and so on. Currently their is 11 for this quarter.

What I currently have in place: =COUNTIFS({Environmental Incident Tracking Range 2}, >=DATE(2020, 6, 14), {Environmental Incident Tracking Range 2}, <=DATE(2020, 9, 5), {Environmental Incident Tracking Range 5}, "R404a")

What I would like: =COUNTIFS({Environmental Incident Tracking Range 3}, "Q3", {Environmental Incident Tracking Range 5}, "R404a")

This example shows a 2 for the quarter. But it runs between options 1-4

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