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I could use some help with the IF formula when trying to add a value to a single-select drop down.

I am using percentage to track a customers completion of our program. I have a column labeled "Sleep Study" with the drop down options of Required, Not Required, Complete - records requested, Complete - records received.

When the option "Required" is selected, I want it to subtract from the total percentage, so I assign it as a negative number using the IF formula. From what I've read on other's similar issues, I should be using the formula: =IF(Sleep Study = "Required", -0.1) but it comes back as Unparseable. I also tried =IF(Sleep Study = "Required"@row, -0.1) as some of our other formulas require the row, but that doesn't work either. I don't need any of the other drop down options to contribute to the percentage.



  • StefanStefan ✭✭✭

    Hi @Joelle Roehl,

    would you mind sharing (personal data removed) a screenshot?

    In your formula, there are a couple of syntax failures, but I'd like to know how the % of completion is tracked/entered/calculated?

    If you enter % in the column manually, you cannot use a formula in there because you would delete it once entering data. If you use a formula to generate the %, then the part for subtracting 10% for the sleep study should look like this:

    if([Sleep Study]@row = "Required", -0.1, )

    Column names in formulas need to be in brackets if they contain spaces or special characters, @row tells the formula where to look at (same row but column "Sleep Study") for a defined value.

    Hope this helps


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