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Scheduling and moving work

Kylie D'Costa
Kylie D'Costa ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi SS team!


Question for you all.


I have been playing with Gantt chart view and want to know if it can solve this problem (have included a screen shot to help explain).



I want to 'blow up' a day on the gantt chart view and see hourly breakdown. What I want to see is on a specific day which jobs are scheduled and between what hours based on their start time. I then want to be able to move the gannt blue slidy thing, and ahve teh start time auto change in the start time coloumn. I  dont think it can do this, since there is no formatting avalible for time (which is very suprising to me).


Hope this is clear???? Right now, even though i have 3 jobs on the same date, the gantt chart doesnt break it into start time, so i can see when they start - i can only see their total duration.....


Thanks team!



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