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I am building a dashboard to pull information off multiple sheets, and have created a separate "config" sheet to use formulas and organize the information to make widgets easier.

I am looking to pull info from a date column in a project plan, based on a unique task name.

I have a column in the config sheet that matches these unique values to reference within the same row, but have also just tried to use the text to look for in quotation marks.

Originally I tried this:

=INDEX({StartDateColumnref}, MATCH(ConfigSheetTask@row, {TaskNameColumnref}))

which is returning just a blank cell. Took out the ConfigSheetTask@row reference within the sheet and tried this:

=INDEX({StartDateColumnref}, MATCH("Unique Task 1", {TaskNameColumnref}))

Still nothing in the cell! Looked around the forum and found I might have been missing a 0 at the end. So I tried these:

=INDEX({StartDateColumnref}, MATCH(ConfigSheetTask@row, {TaskNameColumn},0))

=INDEX({StartDateColumnref}, MATCH("Unique Task 1", {TaskNameColumnref},0))

Which returns #INVALID COLMN VALUE , but I know that value is within that column...

All I'm trying to do is: on a separate sheet, find the row in Task Name column that has my unique value, and return the value from the Start Date column in the same row. Please let me know if you have advice!

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