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Rosie Filerino
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Hello Everyone!

One of the biggest challenges we faced in the implementation of Smartsheet was getting our field leaders on board (foreman & site superintendents). They are already busy with their day to day on job sites and with COVID we chose not to do in person training's. I created a "Training Dashboard" with step by step videos on how to use Smartsheet Forms on the iPhone and desktop. As well as, giving them quick access to the accounting Smartsheet Forms they would need. This really helped with the consistency of information and the ease of use for the field. Feel free to take a look:

How do you reach out to the field and get them on board with different Smartsheet innovates that your company is trying to push?

I look forward to hearing your ideas and watching this community grow!


  • Stephanie Viers

    Love that training dashboard idea, Rosie! Especially the use of embedded videos. If any of you had trouble opening the link, here it is again:

    Question for you @Rosie Filerino ! How did you deploy the dashboard to folks? Are there signs with QR codes up on jobsites? Or is it just pulled up on iPads? Love to know more about that!

    I'd love to hear from others who've joined the group! How have you handled training the field on Smartsheet? What successes have you had? What challenges?

    Stephanie Viers, Lead Customer Success Manager - Construction

  • Stephanie Viers

    @Jared Davis So much good info in here! I can think of a LOT of people this will help. Thank you!

    I know I've heard from others in this group who have used one or more of Jared's recommendations. How have these worked for you? Have any other ideas?

    Stephanie Viers, Lead Customer Success Manager - Construction

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    Something I have found a long time ago if you can focus on a pain point and remove it.. Like @Jared Davis said a first follower.

    Lets say your staff are always complaining about reimbursements for the credit cards.. Then walk them through the credit card process.. then when they get the reimbursement quickly they will go oh wow.. that was easy.. You now have a champion.

    I call this "puppy selling".. Oh look isn't the puppy cute, just give it a snuggle, Oh you like them.. then boom they are in !

    Then you can bring more things online.. If the users can see value then they will adopt it quicker.

    Remember a lot of these people don't know why the process is changing or why Smartsheet was chosen as a solution and they are will just resist.

    I remember once I have sat a meeting where my organization was purchasing a system to help "me". In the end, it ended up being a portal where I entered data and it updated management's reports.. It added to my workload to take away from theirs. When the team asked what about all the stuff we wanted they said there was no money.. Tools help a person do their job better.. Make sure Smartsheet is a Tool and it will get used

  • Rosie Filerino

    @Jared Davis That is an awesome solution. Our company saved the URLs to their home screen for easy access.

    I am most definitely going to work on deploying the QR code idea. It's a great way to get not just the foreman but ALL the field employees involved!