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Day count formula - simple one i guess!

Hi there, 


Does anyone know how to apply the formula:

Date - today's date = n number of days? 


I am struggling with bringing today's date within the formula. 


Thanks in advance


  • Hi Rowena,


    try with =NETWORKDAY(Today(),Date)

    or if you need the weekends too =NETDAYS(Today(), Date)


    Regrets, Jose.

  • Great! it works thanks Jose!!

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Be aware that NETDAYS() may return something that at first does not make sense:


    NETDAYS(TODAY(),tomorrow) = 2

    where tomorrow is a real date, like 02/02/17


    This is because both today and tomorrow are work days.


    Also be aware that the Smartsheet Formula Examples says this about NETDAYS (incorrectly - bold is wrong)


    Returns the number of days (including start and end date) between two days. Doesn't take in consideration weekends or holidays. Will produce a negative number if date_1 is chronologically after date_2.


    NETWORKDAY will count a weekend day if it starts on a Saturday or Sunday (but not both) and will not count if it ends on a week.


    If you are looking for calendar days and don't care about weekends or holidays then


    =date - TODAY()

    where date is your date cell


    will do fine.


    =[Start Date]1 - TODAY()


    returns 1 for [Start Date]1 = 02/02/17 (assuming today is 02/01/17)



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