Combining a Nested IF Formula and Searching for the First 4 Numbers in a String


Hello Smartsheet Community,

I am trying to build a Nested IF formula to assign a site name depending on the first 4 numbers in the screening participant ID. So for example, I would want the formula to identify "S401" from the string "S401001" in the Screening ID Column and assign the name of "01/New York" in the Site column. I would want to build out the nested if to include logic for all 13 sites (i.e "S401", S402", "S403", etc.). I understand how to build the Nested IF formula, but unsure how to incorporate the searching capability.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  • Alexander Ford

    Hi Aspen,

    Do you always want to use the first 4 characters from the Screening ID Column? If so you could use something like LEFT([Screening ID]@row, 4) to grab that portion of the Screening ID string for the Site column. Let us know if you think that would work!



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