How to fill of data automatically via Master sheet to Child Sheets?


I have a scenario where I have a Master Sheet that is attached to a request form.

I have more than 1 child sheet attached to this sheet. Not I want rows of these child sheet to be filed up depending on the text entry of a column in the master sheet.

I tried VLookup, Index Match but not working it just fetches out the data only from the very first row.

I tried =MATCH("name in Assigned

To - Name", {AssignedTo}) for first column and

=INDEX({Doc#}, MATCH($[Assigned to -Name]@row, {AssignedTo}), 0) for Other columns

Master sheet columns

Child sheet columns


I need that when any name in the Assigned to column is entered, the other columns of the child sheet attached for that particular person get populated with respective data in the columns.



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