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I need a formula to say if a certain cell's number is less than 1, then another cell equals 135, and if that same cell's range 1-2, then another cell equals 225, and so on. My ranges are:

<1 = $135

1-2 = $225

2-9 = $90

10-19 = $72

20-29 = $67.50

30-49 = $64

50-74 = $60

anything greater than 75 = RFQ

It seems I can only do one number at a time, not the range of numbers.Thank you!

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  • Shannon Scarbrough

    Thanks, Genevieve!

    This formula worked! I just changed the 1-2 range to be an AND statement, since I wanted it to capture between 1 and 2 (including decimals). I also changed each ending range to be .99. so that if I had something that was for example 9.5, it would have a place to live. Thank you again!!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Shannon,

    Thanks for the update!! Ah, that makes sense - I'm glad it worked for you 😊

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