How to display results from original smartsheet in another smartsheet to create a dashboard



I am creating an executive summary dashboard for people external to our company. I have a data source smartsheet (primary) that has a lot more detail that I do not want to give them access to.

I would like to create a smartsheet that references specific information from the primary smartsheet, but shows the details, not just counts. I figured out how to do counts using the COUNTIF function, but I want it to display the actual text.

As a use case example:

Primary sheet:

Column 1 - Name of customers

Column 2 - Onboarding Status (In progress, complete, escalated, etc)

Secondary Sheet:

I would like the first column to display the names of anyone in the primary sheet that has an onboarding status of "escalated". I don't want a count, I want their actual names to display.

Thank you for any help you can provide by way of a formula!



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