Project Dates and Coming in on time


Hi, I'm trying to set up a project template using a Gantt chart so that when the Certificate of Occupancy date is plugged in, it will automatically populate the goal dates for all the tasks prior, based on how long those tasks take, in order to be ready for the CO date. For example, if I know that a permit takes 2 weeks to obtain and the contract dictates that I must have the permit in hand 1 month prior to CO, then my start date for the permit needs to be 8/15 and the end date needs to be 9/1, assuming with a 1 month lag. That will allow for the the permit to be completed one month prior to the 10/1 CO date.

I want to populate the CO date and have the permit date automatically populate that it has to be done by this time in order to meet your CO date.

I'm probably over-complicating this explanation, I know.

TIA for any help!

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