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Is there a way to develop enhancements to a development-sheet without working in the live-production-sheet, and then copying the development-sheet into Production when it's done being tested? Simply making a new copy of sheet, with a development-name seems to break the linkage the production-sheet's metric sheet and dashboard, reports and form.

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    Thank you, Stefan. Your answer was helpful. I've come to understand there is no systematic way to transfer modifications en-masse to a production set. Instead the work is done and tested once in a development instance, and then repeated in the production instance.

    I did have a follow-up question on how to create the "whole linked set" as a development instance.

    At what level does the linkage occur - single folder, multiple folders or individual objects?

    Meaning, I'd like to confirm if we need to combine the Sheet, Dashboard, Metric Sheet and Reports into a single folder, because it is at that new folder level that you request to use all new links from the development instance?

    Or if instead, I can "save as new" the same 3 folders I use today. 1 folder for reports, 1 folder for Dashboard and 1 folder for main sheet and metrics sheet.

    Or if instead I can "save as new" the individual objects within the existing folder and send the new copies to pre-existing development folder.


  • Stefan,

    Thank you very much for your patient and complete response. Yes, I did see exactly what you explained. I replicated the whole workspace and the three folders underneath were replicated automatically.

    Most appreciate it.



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