Date Calculation Formula to Return Friday of Week Calculated

I'm looking to return the Friday of the week that my date calculation result falls.

For instance, I have a formula that calculates a Start Date by using "Due Date" - 40 WORKDAYS. I need to then have the result show the Friday of that week. My first WORKDAY formula works fine on its own, but not with IF(WEEKDAY...... added.

Based on other searches I tried:

=WORKDAY([Due Date]955, -40) + IF(WEEKDAY (WORKDAY ([Due Date]955), -40) <6, "6"))

Also tried:

=IF(WEEKDAY(WORKDAY([Due Date (Pagination)]959, -45)) < 6, 6)

Neither worked. How do I enter this formula?


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  • Jwindels
    Jwindels ✭✭✭

    @Kelly P.

    Thanks for getting back to me. I'll try that out. I was thinking a helper column may be needed, but was trying to avoid the extra column on the sheet. As long as it works, it will do.

    Thanks so much!

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