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I cannot manually re-open manually collapsed columns.


I have collapsed a few columns manually by dragging its header row borders but are now unable to open them back up. Even if I use my browser zoom button to precisely select the border the double arrow cursor will only select either column to the left or right of all the manually collapsed columns.  I can verify the columns exist and are still editable in Card View mode. Is there a way to force these columns to a size I can get at them in Grid View?


  • Try to mark range of columns that will surround hidden one, press right button and choose unhide. It should work.

  • Jason
    Jason Employee

    Hi Miles


    As an alternative to Krzysztof's suggestion you can right click on any column header and select 'unhide All Columns.'

  • Miles Harrison
    edited 02/02/17

    I did try those suggestions to no avail but what did work was:

    I held down the Control button while clicking in between where the 2 visible columns to either side of the collapsed columns (there is about a 2 px visual indication that there is a hidden range of columns). This appeared to highlight about a 1 px wide border of a collapsed column. Then I double clicked and it auto-expanded the column. I did have to do this for each column that was collapsed.

    To be clear, the columns were not "Hidden" but were manually collapsed by moving their borders with the double-arrowed cursor.

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