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I'm trying to create an IFAND formula that auto calculates the Available remaining balance left to Draw for a certain bank and show it in the summary section at the top.

Ex: If we have $1,959,000 available with Farmers Merchant for West Village. I'd like the highlighted cell to auto calculate that total...but only if it's for Farmers Merchant. I'll be doing the same formulas for the other banks as well.

Any Help is appreciated!


  • Andrée Starå
    Andrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Eastbayou528

    How will the rest of the sheet look?

    Can you describe your process in more detail and maybe share the sheet(s)/copies of the sheet(s) or some screenshots? (Delete/replace any confidential/sensitive information before sharing) That would make it easier to help. (share too, andree@getdone.se)

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic weekend!


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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
    edited 10/02/20

    Hi @Eastbayou528

    To follow-up on Andrée's question, it looks like your totals are being placed in the column called "Formula", is that correct? Then your column number 2 is where the "Farmers Merchant" text is placed, right?

    If so, you can use a SUMIF formula that will only SUM the number in the Formula column if the cell in the 2 column says "Farmers Merchant".


    =SUMIF([2]:[2], "Farmers Merchant", Formula:Formula)

    Then, you can minus this total from your Credit Line section, in column 2.

    Final Formula:

    =[2]@row - SUMIF([2]:[2], "Farmers Merchant", Formula:Formula)

    You could even make this better by swapping out the "Farmers Merchant" with a reference to the text in your column called 1:

    =[2]@row - SUMIF([2]:[2], [1]@row, Formula:Formula)

    This should give you a remaining available total for each of the sections in that chart. Let me know if this works for you!



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