Auto Flag Risk on Project Sheet if a risk is opened in Risk Register

Hello All,

I am new to Smartsheet and struggling to make a cell behalf the way I want.

To give some background:

I have a Project Sheet with flag symbol for risk and a Risk Register.

When I add a Risk to the Risk Register, I want to automatically Flag the Risk Flag on the Project Sheet row that relates to it.

ie on Row # 1 of the Risk Register I write about "Risk A" is related to Project Task Row 5

In my Project Sheet, I have a formula in Risk Column that say if in the risk register the status is open turn on the risk flag in the project. Additionally I need the formula only to propulate if Risk "Project Task #" (above) matches the "Project Task #" below on the Project Sheet.

I am unfamiliar with Match Formulas, but I am looking for something like this:

If Risk Sheet (Project Task #) Matches Project Sheet (Project Task #) and IF Risk Sheet ([RISK STATUS]@row = "Open", "Yes", IF([RISK STATUS]@row = "Closed", "No"))

Any help would be appreciated!


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