Cell Formula for @ Row


I love the new capability of the Cell Formula @ Row. How would you get a total for that row? I tried doing it in another row using =([CALC - Attendance]@row:[CALC - Attendance]@row). I come back with #circular Reference.


  • Ben Canning

    Hi Lori - you'll want to remove @row in that case. so the formula would be =SUM([CALC - Attendance]:[CALC - Attendance]) to get a total for the entire column.

    @row works really well for cases where you're dragging down on a column to have a similar function on each row - it's a great partner with the new Column Formulas capability.

  • Lori Leighton
    Lori Leighton ✭✭✭✭

    So, you are saying I can only have one or the other. I need both functionalities. I have one column that will ask a question:

    Will you attend the meeting? So the answer is Yes or No!

    I have one column that has a formula that states if someone answers yes give a value of 1, if person answers No, give a value of 0. I need that formula to be @ row. I then need to have a total number of people coming to the meeting.

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