Is there a way in sheet summary to have a drop down and then another cell to count based on drop dow

Hi there,

I have a sheet that i'd like to be able to count entries based off of a drop down selection in the sheet column, and based off of date.

I live in Virginia and there has been a mandate that employees must attest to no covid symptoms prior to coming into work. I've created the form and they use through the app. However; to make it easy for the Managers because they should know how many of their employees should be working that day I want to create a sheet summary where one cell is a drop down(based on a contact list column) and based on what is selected in the first cell, the second cell will count the entries. In addition; there needs to be a third cell to select the date. I have a date column which is auto.

example; If i go to the sheet summary and I select my name or it autofills based on current user like you can in reports, then in the date cell I assume i could put today() but i want to give the managers the option to check other days if they're out or something and in the third cell will be the number of employees that have completed the check in.

Any thoughts? Appreciate any help.




  • Jason Jordan
    Jason Jordan ✭✭✭✭
    edited 10/02/20

    Update: i've figured out the simple part LOL and realised I was getting ahead of myself - I've created the summary contact cell, and date now i need to be able to do a count based off of the two fields in the summary - would like to turn this into a summary report based off of current user.

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