How to register a cell in a Text/Number column as a date in a formula?


I have a formula from Excel that I'm trying to duplicate in SmartSheet. The formula references row1 which is a month-year (eg JAN-20). This is a duplicate for the column name so it can be interacted with in a formula.

So there are 2 elements here that I need help with.

  1. Can treat a cell from a text/number column as a Date?
  2. If so, how in Smartsheets can I treat the Month-Year as end of the month like Excel's EOMONTH function?

Here is my original formula from Excel.


Where AT32 is the Month-Year I'm trying to reference.

Here is my first attempt in SmartSheet that isn't working for many reasons.

=SUMIFS({Invoices Range 2}, {Invoices Range 1}, [Tracking ID]@row, [{Invoices Range 3},"<=&EOMONTH([ACT-1]1,0)

And a snippit of my sheet so you can see how i'm trying to make it reflect Row1.

Thank you for the help!

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