Is it possible to automatically update the sheet summary when a new row is added?


I have a sheet with an associated web form where users request a shirt size. At the top of my sheet, I have the number of shirts in each size that I have ordered.

In the sheet summary, I have the formula:

=[Youth Large]1 - SUM([Youth Large]2:[Youth Large]107)

This calculates the number of YL shirts I ordered - the total number of shirts in that size to show me how many are left. The problem is, I have to manually update the row number when new rows are added.

Is it possible to automate this?


  • Tasha Garcia


    I am by no means an expert, so not sure if there is a better way.

    In the Sheet Summary remove the#'s (1,2,170)so it calculates ALL rows in that column

    =[Youth Large]- SUM([Youth Large]:[Youth Large])

    Hope this helps!

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