=IF statement not recognizing two cells as matched


Using this formula to check if two values in the same row match, and returning "Yes", "No", or "Hold" to display the associated symbols.

=IF(ISBLANK([Column A]@row), "Hold", IF([Column A]@row = [Column B]@row, "Yes", "No"))

If they match it returns "yes": green checkmark

If they both have values but they don't match it returns the "no": red X

If column A is blank it returns "hold": orange !

This appears to be working everywhere in the sheet except for one instance where it is looking at two currency columns (confirmed they are the same currency) where both cells are $0.01. This one cell is returning the red X indicating a mismatch where it should be indicating the green checkmark.

Please advise if you have any suggestions!

If anyone knows a way to build an acceptable variance in to this formula (i.e. within $1.00 for currency columns) that would be helpful too!

Cheers :)



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