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sights with integrated calculation and diagrams


Hi together, 


I'm looking for a solution to show easily metrics and diagrams within sights to a special group of colleagues. 


I know that there are actually  a lot of workarounds (calculation in different sheets) to show the important data to the user. 

Therefore we use a lot of different sheets to calculate different key figures as sum for departments, status, complexity etc. 


That is really exhausting and time-wasting to have the calculating within different sheets, additionally it is hard to keep track of all calculations and links to each "key figure" sheet. 


Therefore it would be great if 

1. the sight / the widgets can easily calculate key figures which the user needs 

2. there will be some diagrams to visualize some key figures. 


The actual business case for us is that we administrate all our backlog topics for each system in a main smartsheet list. wihtin the reports it is really easy for us to handle variant processes (valuating, discussion, etc). 

Now we want to integrate the sight to be transparent to our departments and directors which topic, how many topics are in progress. 


Maybe you are already working on it, this would be great. ;) 


I'm gald to hear from you to hear. 


Cheers, Thomas 



170302_calculating in sheets.png

170302_calculating in sheets_2.png


  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
    edited 02/06/17

    Hi Thomas,


    We currently don't have functionality to perform calculations or create dynamic charts in Sights but I'll add your vote for these to our enhancement request list for further consideration.


    We appreciate your input!

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