If formula: activity code if a certain word is found

Karrie Davis
Karrie Davis Overachievers Alumni
edited 10/07/20 in Formulas and Functions

I have a formula that puts a activity code if a certain word is found in the narrative. However, it only place one word. In the example below the word "telephone" should have put CONFERNCE CALL and "draft" should have put DRAFT, however only DRAFT showed up.

Below is my formula:

=IF(CONTAINS("review", Narrative@row), "REVIEW", IF(CONTAINS("email", Narrative@row), "EMAIL", IF(CONTAINS("draft/revise", Narrative@row), "DRAFT/REVISE", IF(CONTAINS("revise", Narrative@row), "REVISE", IF(CONTAINS("draft", Narrative@row), "Draft", IF(CONTAINS("Research", Narrative@row), "RESEARCH", IF(CONTAINS("analyze", Narrative@row), "ANALYZE",IF(CONTAINS("TELEPHONE", Narrative@row), "CONFERENCE CALL",IF(CONTAINS("OUTLINE", Narrative@row), "OUTLINE", "")))


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