How do I create a chart in Smartsheet that doesn't use numbers?


This is a chart from an internal system we are replacing in favor of Smartsheet. It uses two rows of text data - Project Manager and Priority. I need a widgit for a dashboard that shows how many times either Critical or High appeared with the Project Manager.

I've tried creating a report - it insists on using a primary column (of course) but won't allow me to specify which row is the primary, and then it just shows me the actual two rows of data - no chart.

I tried a chart, but it charts the primary number and puts random colored dots to represent every row under priority and does nothing with the project manager. I tried eliminating the Primary number from what is charted, but get an error that says I can't do that.

Is there any way to get Smartsheet to produce this type of dashboard widget?

Thank you!

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