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Using SmartSheets for small team Project Management - Looking for advice

Kent Vaughn
Kent Vaughn ✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

We are starting to utilize SmartSheets for a small team, light weight Project Mangement solution.  It meets our core needs well and I've read up enough to understand some of the basic strategies around setting up a framework in Smartsheets.   


Where we are struggling now is lower level tracking and collabortion.  When doing project reviews using SmartSheets, where do we track our action items?  How do we make suggestions on a particular project?   Clearly SmartSheets isn't the solution for everything, but the more we can focus on a single solution the less tools we need to manage.   I know about the "comment" capability, but as of now I don't see this to be very useful - especially without the ability to Tag members ( @JoeSmith ) so they receive notification.   


Does anyone have any suggestions what has worked for their smaller team models?  I've included a simple graphic to describe where we are currently at.   Thanks! 


2017-02-05 at 11.33 AM.jpeg


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