Show data from columns that are not empty

Hello everyone

I have a question about a use case and I don't know how to get the result I want in Smartsheet :

I have a sheet with multiple columns (like 100 more or less) and in each column I can have some data or not. I need to have all these columns even if there are empty to store data.

It is very complicated to read because sometime for a specific row I have data in column 1 to 5, and then nothing until column 100.

I can't hide columns because for each row, there is data in different columns so I need to see all of them.

I would like to have a report or a sheet that only give me for each row the information in the columns that are not empty.

The problem is that if I make a report, I need to put all the columns and thus I have the same issue to read my report because it is very long.

Do you have a solution for this use case ?

Here is an example : I would like only to see data from columns that are not empty :

Thank you very much !

Have a nice day,