RFP Responses Library - Ideas?

Has anyone used Smartsheet to create a library of RFP responses? Or something similar? There is obviously a very simple way to do it just with a grid that contains 'Question'/ 'Response' columns and maybe a couple more columns for tagging/ categorization. But curious if anyone has done anything cool or has any best practices.


  • Ramzi K
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    We have used a sheet with the following columns that works very well to capture more than just a response for a solution that we are proposing to a client who has put out an RFP:

    Category/Question/Requirement - Category (for organizing hierarchically) and then the questions/requirement under each category

    Accept - This is a Dropdown column where we can indicate the following responses to the question: Yes, Partial, Alternate, No, Partial

    Demo - Is there a demo link or a POC link that we can show the capability or something similar

    Implementation Details - How the solution can implement the requirement

    Assumptions - any assumptions that we want to list pertaining to our response

    Alternate Solution / Longer Term - If the Accept is No or Alternate, we can explain here

    I hope this is helpful.



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