Dominique Rose Winther
Dominique Rose Winther ✭✭✭✭
edited 10/11/20 in Formulas and Functions

Does anyone know how to resolve the #ERROR? I saw previous posts saying its a problem with VLOOKUP or cross sheet formulas, but mine is on a simple formula on other columns of that same page.

It was working fine all day, then suddenly updated to #ERROR. Will that go away on its own?

I've tried refreshing the sheet, closing and reopening Smartsheet, opening and closing the last files that I had open, and even rebooting my computer (just in case!)

If relevant, the formula is:

=IF(AND(AVG(COLLECT([Final Billing Rate]:[Final Billing Rate], Country:Country, Country@row, [AP_Step]:[AP_Step], [AP_Step]@row)) = [Final Billing Rate]@row, AVG(COLLECT([Final Employee Cost Rate]:[Final Employee Cost Rate], Country:Country, Country@row, [AP_Step]:[AP_Step], [AP_Step]@row)) = [Final Employee Cost Rate]@row), "", "CHECK FORMULA")


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