Sum + Collect Formula - without knowing what the collect "criteria" might change to.


I'm trying to collect the sum of income received from different sources. However, I don't know what the sources may be as new ones are added. Is there a formula/Solution that can look for all the different income sources and then sum the income amount:


SSA - $1,100

Pension A - $800

Pension A - $100

SSA - $1,000

I would want the formula to return:

SSA - 2,100

Pension A - 900

If I add Pension B to the first list, then the formula/solution should return Pension B and it's values...

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    @Ramzi K

    Cool! thanks.

    How would I extract a list so that I don't see duplicate of the payors:

    (It can be as a report)

    Pension A: 2,100

    SSA: 900

    Pension B: 500

  • Ramzi K
    Ramzi K ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Rivky Emert

    Change the formula to =IF(COUNTIF(Type@row:Type$1, Type@row) = 1, SUMIF(Type:Type, Type@row, Amount:Amount))

    Note: You can't make it a column formula any more due to direct cell reference "Type$1" so you need to make sure it's always copied down the column.

    Then filter your report to only show rows where the Total is "Not Blank"

    I hope that helps.


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