Count of request Status for each System using COUNTIFS statement with OR criteria



I have a sheet with a list of requests for various Systems and am trying to create metrics for how many "Active" requests exist for each System. I'm able to get these to work:

Count of rows by "Active" Statuses: =COUNTIF({Sheet Range 2}, OR(@cell = "0 - Submitted", @cell = "2 - Approved"))

Count of rows by System: =COUNTIF({Sheet Range 6}, CONTAINS("SYSTEM A", @cell))

I tried using this to combine the two but get a #UNPARSEABLE error: =COUNTIFS({Sheet Range 2}, OR(@cell = "0 - Submitted", @cell = "2 - Approved"), ({Sheet Range 6}, @cell = "SYSTEM A"))

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  • Erin Aten
    Erin Aten
    Answer ✓

    Thanks, David, good catch! It's the simple things, right? Here's what seems to have worked:

    =COUNTIFS({Sheet Range 6}, @cell = "SYSTEM A", {Sheet Range 2}, OR(@cell = "0 - Submitted", @cell = "2 - Approved"))


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