Column Formula not selectable as Gantt Label


Hi Folks,

Is this a bug?

For Gantt chart labels, I use a column that concatenates and formats the task and end dates; call this column "Gantt Label". I select this as my Gantt label and it looks great.

To prevent my formula from getting corrupted or broken, I convert "Gantt Label" to a Column Formula. Here's where it gets interesting...

  • If I already have "Gantt Label" selected, the Gantt chart looks great
  • If my chart starts with no labels, and I try to select "Gantt Label" as the label, it's not available from the dropdown menu!
  • If I convert the column formula back to a cell formula, "Gantt Label" reappears as a label option

Curiouser still...on a sheet where the labels are showing correctly and I'm using column formulas, if I go back and check which column is being used as the label, the selection is "None" even though the labels are showing.

Again, the Gantt labels don't seem to find Column Formula columns, but will work if you convert to Column Formula after selecting it as the label.

I can work around it, but is this a bug?


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  • Purnima Gore
    Purnima Gore ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 10/20/20

    Hi @Jimmy Poon

    I would add a helper column for this.

    The first one is the column formula and that works fine but you cannot use this as a choice for the gantt chart.

    Column 1: GanttLabel Column (formula)

    =JOIN([Task Name]@row:Finish@row, " ")

    Column2: Gantt Label (Dropdown)


    You can then choose Column 2 from the options for the timeline display and if you want to, hide Column 1 or both as they will populate automatically.

    That will save time as you do not need to save and edit the column each time.

    Kind regards


    Purnima Gore

    Cierr Limited

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  • Jimmy Poon

    Hi @Purnima Gore ,

    Yes, that will work. In fact, it's similar to what I'm already doing. I'm just pointing out that the behavior I highlighted might be a bug (not sure why it would be intentional).



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