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In managing users, I have always been curious as to why "Member Status" has "Active" but not "Inactive".

For example, if a user is still going to be part of the organization, but just will not be active for an extended period. For example: maternity leave, recovery from major surgery or illness, whatever.

We know they are coming back so don't want to delete them from Smartsheet, why is there not an "Inactive" option in order to set them on the sidelines without removing them? Then, once they return, simply select "Active" again and back to normal.

Inactive could have some check, options to share their created (if licensed user) objects with another user, etc., in order to keep the objects active.

Seems pretty basic to me.


  • Don C
    Don C Employee

    Hi jb,

    I can see that our Support team has already reached out to you on this and an enhancement request has been submitted for the ability to set a user's status to "Inactive" in User Management. Feel free to use this form to submit another request for this feature or for any other features you would like to see added on to Smartsheet. We appreciate the input!

    Currently, the feature to set an active member of the account to an inactive member is currently unavailable. The status for "Active" or "Inactive" in User Management refers to whether the user has accepted an invitation to join your organization's Smartsheet account.

    As an alternative resolution, system admins of accounts can transfer all owned items of the "inactive" user to an active licensed member of the same account using the steps below:

    1. Click your account profile icon > User Management
    2. Select the menu icon on the right side of the user's email/name
    3. Select Transfer owned items > Enter the email of the user
    4. Select the person that you want to transfer items to and then click OK.

    The new owner will see transferred sheets, reports, and dashboards in Home in their left panel in a folder named Transferred from [email address of the previous owner].

    For reference, you may visit this link to our Help Center to find more about the above information:

    To return the items that were transferred, System Admins may follow the same steps above to transfer all items back to the original user (as long as the original user is licensed).

    If users would like to transfer ownership of specific sheets, reports, or dashboards it would be best to follow the instructions at:

    We've submitted your input to our Product Team for future enhancement. Thank you for raising this up!