Multiple IF Statments


Hi Smartsheet Community,

I have a question regarding multiple IF statements.

  • What I am trying to accomplish: I am trying to put text in a box if the days are greater than or equal to the number of days since completion 0-30 Days, 31-60 days, 61-90 Days, 91-120 Days, 121-364 Days, 365+ Days.
  • Current Formula: =IF([Total AR Days]@row > 365, "365+ Days", IF([Total AR Days]@row > 120, "121-364 Days", IF([Total AR Days]@row > 90, "91-120 Days", IF([Total AR Days]@row > 60, "61-90 Days", IF([Total AR Days]@row > 30, "31-60 Days", "0-30 Days"))))))

Question: It is not working and coming up "unparseable" hoping you could lend some assistance.

Thank you so much for your help!



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