Trying to Input a formula to automatically generate a symbol


I have a column where I am tracking percent met and I want that percent to trigger a symbol in the column next to it. The symbols I am using are the 5 circles (Empty, Quarter, Half, Three Quarter, Full). This is the code I tried

=IF([Percent Met]3, =100, "Full", IF([Percent Met]3, 99.9 > 75 "Three Quarter", IF([Percent Met]3, 74.99 > 50, "Half", IF([Percent Met]3, 49.99 > 25, "Quarter", IF([Percent Met]3, 24.00 > 0, "Empty" )))))



  • Purnima Gore
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    Try this

    = IF([% Complete]@row < 25, "Empty",

    IF([% Complete]@row < 50, "Quarter",

    IF([% Complete]@row < 75, "Half",

    IF([% Complete]@row <100, "Three Quarter",


    It goes into a single row next to each other but have separated this so you can see the construction

    This gives you the result. You can use any numbers or % I have used % Complete for ease.

    Hope that helps



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  • Paul Dieterich

    That worked, thank you!

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