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I have created this formula:

=IF([is Child]@row = "T", [Estimate Number (1)]1814, VALUE([Estimate #]@row))

I am trying to copy the estimate number from the row above if the current row is a child. Works fine until the sheet is sorted. How do I change this formula parameter "[Estimate Number (1)]1814" to copy the cell above no matter what the row number. 

I was trying something like "[Estimate Number (1)]@row-1", with no luck.

Is this possible?



  • David Joyeuse
    David Joyeuse ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Chuck Mertz

    I would suggest to use an helper column that replicates row numbers.

    Simply type in row 2 =Row1 +1 then drag this formula all the way down. (Row 1 being equal to 1).

    Then use some INDEX/MATCH to return the value you want to return in your Child formula.

    Watch out though when sorting sheets, it tends to mess up with formula with rows numbered in it...

    Hope it helped!

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