Modifying rows in a form entry sheet with formulas


Hello everyone,

I have a problem when I change some date in rows in my sheet, here is the example :

  • A user fill information in a form, and then a new row is added in the sheet related to the form
  • On that sheet, there are a lot columns that have pre-defined formulas
  • I have put the new form entries parameter on the top of my sheet so each time a new row is added, it is added on the top.

As I understood, If I change the data in a formula column in the most recent row (on the top), it will affect all the new rows entries in the future, but if I change the data in a formula column in any other row it will not affect all the new rows .

Do you know how I could prevent this from happening and keep my formulas "freeze" whatever happens ?

I was thinking about column formula new feature, but I want to be able to change formula in a row after submission..

Thank you very much for your help !


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