Formula to Find Last Non-Empty Cell In a Row


I am using a sheet that tracks counts of different products by location, which gets updated in 30-minute intervals (product location by row and time intervals by column). My goal is to use a function to automatically pull the most recent count for each product, which would require the function to check for the last non-empty cell in a given row and count that number.

I've found a function that appears to work just fine in Excel/Google Sheets, but always comes up as #UNPARSEABLE when used in Smartsheet. Formula, below, links to the original page that I found it on which explains how the formula works.


Does anyone know how to help me make this work?? Does Smartsheet not have the capability to do anything like this?

Thank you in advance!!


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  • Jason Cobb
    Jason Cobb ✭✭
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    Oh do I have a solution for you! Newbie here, but lmk what I can do to help. There's always an easier solution.

    =IF( [SUM of DATA in ROW] > [other DATA in ROW], [SUM of DATA in ROW] )

    Check out the brown row. It has 53 columns. (I have the sums reaching forward and back a bit, referencing other cells) The formula has the range my data is in, a ">" operator (condition), and the same data range PLUS 1. IF this condition is met the sum is posted, if it is not, it is blank.


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