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Multiple users update request

I have 600 rows of data mapped it to 40 to 50 owners. each owner has multiple rows assigned.


While requesting for update request, am sorting and selecting owner wise rows and sending mail notification seperately for each owner. (40 times).


If I select all the rows and send, all owners others are able to see/update the information, is there any way to solution or work around for this issue?


Please mail me on srinivasrao@olamnet.com






  • Totally agree on this . It baffles me that your're able to select a contact list column for the notifications, but not for update requests, which is more valuable functionality in my opinion.  Smartsheet, get on this one!

  • Hi All,


    There currently isn't a way to send Update Requests automatically to people based on their assignment to a row but I've added your votes for this to our enhancement request list for further consideration.


    With that being said, if you have development resources available to you, you might consider creating this type of functionality via the API: https://smartsheet-platform.github.io/api-docs/#overview

  • I am new to Smartsheet and am just figuring out that my "scheduled" updates really cannot be scheduled out if resources have new tasks added to them periodically. Is this correct?


  • Shaine:

    I am so dismayed to discover that I cannot update a sheet or even a report and have my scheduled update requests reflect the changes. This request has my vote x 1,000.

    To be able to "schedule" update requests based on resource rather than by row is necessary. It would be great if this update request could span multiple sheets. However, we won't be greedy.

    I do "get" that the possibility might be easier if we were talking updates at the sheet level. However, not all users are able to or comfortable with working from the grid view. Personally, all my managers - even the tech savvy - love the web form. Cleaner, easier to process the view without being distracted by the size of the sheets and amount of detail.

    The current process is extremely time-consuming. Any effort that can be made towards this request, I know would be greatly appreciated by all.



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