Count and provide unique numbers


My need is to provide a unique and incremental number for each row, so when a new item is added it gives it the next number in that category. The current formula is

=COUNTIFS(Created:Created, <Created@row, Type:Type, Type@row) + COUNTIFS(Created:Created, Created@row, Type:Type, Type@row)

However, because it's based on the system created date, if multiple are pasted in at the same time, they have the same number, no longer making them unique.

How can I adjust this formula to ensure unique numbers?

The formula is in the Count column. And as you can see in the red box, this is an example of two rows with the same number when i need them unique.

I tried copying and pasting but the attachments get left behind. And if I move to another sheet and move back, it maintains the created date.


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