How to create a Trend-line in Smartsheet?

In Excel you have the ability to automatically add trend-line. With more advanced data being added to Smartsheet from our business, we would like to have visualisation of trends, actuals and forecasts.

Any ideas?



  • Hello @Thiago Castro

    As of now, it appears we do not have a dedicated method for adding trend lines onto your chart. With this, you may wish to raise an Enhancement Request here. Although this feature is not yet available, we love to hear from our Customers about way we can tailor our product to different business uses, so please feel free to let use know any other features you'd like to see

    Alternatively, you may wish to review this Community post where our other members were able to create a similar concept of identifying tend data:

    Let me know if you have any questions



  • I would vote for trend lines, also

  • A linear trend line is possible to achieve in Smartsheet, but it is not easy and it requires out of the box thinking and will take about 3 to 4 hours to set up and test.

    First you will need to look up at how a linear trend line is calculated manually and understand the calculations before then recreating those in your sheet in Smartsheet.

    You will need columns along these lines:

    In the Calculations and Sums these numbers:

    It's also helpful to set up a column needing the number of weeks or months you are projecting for.

    My trend line crosses the y axis at 1474, so at week 0 it is at 1474.

    For week 1 my trend line is at 1474 + (1 x 15.85)

    For week 2 it is at 1474 + (2 x 15.85)

    And so on....

    Like I said, a linear trend line is not easy but it can be achieved. With enough time and exploration you can set multiple trend lines on the same data curve.